About Us

Dedicated to Uniting and Empowering the Jamaican Community with the World

At the Midwest Jamaica Corps (MIJAC), just like in Jamaica (West Indies), we embrace the Jamaican culture such as the food, sports, arts, music, business and, of course, the lifestyle. Jamaicans are an ethnically diverse society whose history can be traced to the  the Arawak/Taíno Indians.   MIJAC is founded to  not only keep the Jamaican traditions and spirit alive in today’s modern world, but also share and teach our culture to the massive.

“Out of many – one people” is the Jamaican national slogan. Likewise, the MIJAC motto is “Out of many – one Midwest.” We strive to connect the Chicago Jamaican diaspora with opportunities to expand and grow with the various cultures that surrounds us. Joined together by a group of medical and business professionals, attorneys, educational mentors, and more as well as our founder, the Honorable Lloyd L. Hyde, MIJAC looks forward to working together to build a Cultural Center that will service the Chicagoland area. As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, MIJAC welcomes donations, gifts, endowments and grants as avenues to raise awareness and funds to support its goals and missions while providing much needed resources to the community it serves.

Meet Our Officers

President – Ms. Shelley Lopez

Vice President – Ms. Michelle Absolam

Secretary – Mr. Leslie Williams, Jr.

Treasurer – Ms. Beulah Cohen

Founder/Advisor – Mr. Lloyd L. Hyde

Board Members

Mr. Franz Mullings, Chair

Ms. Katherine Dawkins, Secretary

Rev. Fitz Barclay

Mrs. Cornelia Forrester

Mrs. Sharon Louis Harris

Ms. Fay Peters

Dr. Donald Pettis

Mr. Michael Pettis

Dr. Clement Rose       

Mr. Clato Smalling

Dr. Lisa Young