About Us

Dedicated to Uniting and Empowering the Jamaican Community

At MIJAC, we look at Jamaican culture as the confluence of religion, norms, values, and lifestyles that define the people of Jamaica. This ethnically diverse society can be traced to the history of their original inhabitants, beginning with the Arawak/Taíno Indians. We founded this organization to keep the Jamaican traditions and spirit alive in today’s modern world.

About Our Organization

Established in 2013, MIJAC is the brainchild of Lloyd L. Hyde, an Honorary Consul of the Jamaican government. We will work closely with other community-based organizations and leverage other entities to identify underprivileged and at-risk people who can benefit from our services.

At MIJAC, we believe that we can ease the burden of the government by opposing community deterioration and promoting social welfare. We are in the process of purchasing a building that we can furnish for meetings, social event planning, as well as music, arts, and other cultural activities. Also, we will create working committees that are composed of members from existing organizations.

Our Members



  •   Elijah Smith​
    •   Business Owner
    • ​​  Brief Bio:  BA Marketing, Minor Business Administration; School of Business—Business Diploma


  •  Beulah Cohen


  • Audrey Gardner



  •  Gloria Cohen


  •  Elijah Smith


  •  Magnus Mullings


  •  Lloyd L. Hyde

Board of Directors


  •  Franz Mullings


  •  Katherine Dawkins


  •  Elijah Smith


  •  Lloyd L. Hyde

Board Members

  •  Dianna Grant-Burke, M.D.
  •  Reverend Fitz Barclay, Jr.
  •  Lester Barclay, Esquire
  •  Sharon Ferguson, Esquire
  •  Claudia Fegan, M.D.
  •  Ayton Taylor, CPA
  •  Solomon Flowers, Business Owner
  •  Lisa Young, DNP, APN, FNP-BC
  •  Donald Pettis, Ph.D.
  •  Sharon Louis Harris, Real Estate Investor
  •  Clement Rose, M.D.
  •  Art Norman, Broadcaster/Reporter
  •  Curtis Webley, CPA, Ph.D.
  •  Lester Dixon, Business Owner

Our Story

The Midwest Jamaica Corps is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.

The organization provides leadership and direction to effect the integration of all Jamaican communities in the Midwest and its environs.

The organization is led by a Board of Directors consisting of business leaders, health care professionals, community leaders, and an array of individuals recommended by the Jamaican Consul.

MIJAC’s mission is to establish a platform to empower communities while building partnerships for equal access to resources for all.

We aim to improve the quality of life by promoting educational and moral values. The overall goal is to be a support group for Jamaicans, create cultural awareness of Caribbean culture, as well as foster economic and educational advancement.

Our major focus is to establish a comprehensive, full-service community Cultural Resource Center to serve the Jamaican Diaspora. The Cultural Resource Center will have the necessary mechanisms in place to serve our youth, seniors, and the underserved. It will also be a venue to train and educate individuals, enhancing their skills to gain meaningful employment as well as compete and advance in the 21st century.

To achieve this worthwhile goal, the organization plans to acquire approximately 50,000 square feet of building space and 10,000 square feet of parking space around the facility. To accomplish these tasks, MIJAC will collaborate with other community organizations and utilize other entities to identify individuals who will contribute and benefit from its services.

Donations are needed to support the Cultural Resource Center Project.

This GoFundMe account has been set up to assist in this endeavor.

We thank you in advance for your donation to this valuable project.