Nonprofit Organization for the Jamaican Community

The Midwest Jamaica Corps (MIJAC) is a nonprofit organization based in Chicago, IL that aims to support, empower, and do charity work for the Jamaican community. We provide assistance to businesses and individuals in both Jamaica and the Midwest region. Our organization wishes to reach out to people who are interested in supporting charitable causes and are concerned with the welfare of humanity.MIJAC is proudly affiliated with the Jamaica Association of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (JACAP).


Our Mission

Our goal is to establish a platform that empowers communities as well as builds partnerships and equal access to resources for all supporting Americans and peoples of the Caribbean. This is a major effort to inspire lifelong learning, increase knowledge and awareness of Jamaican culture, as well as strengthen our communities. We plan to achieve this by initiating charitable endeavors, such as annual benefits and other fundraising activities.

How We Get the Job Done

One of our biggest strengths is analytical thinking, particularly our ability to utilize logic when solving problems. This will help us achieve our goal of promoting unity and purpose as well as energizing the Jamaican community.

The Midwest Jamaica Corps is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.

The organization provides leadership and direction to effect the integration of all Jamaican communities in the Midwest and its environs.